I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Here is what they are saying...

"After severely breaking my leg 3 years ago I still had discomfort , numbness, swelling, and lack of feeling or sensation. I had done physical therapy, some massage, was able to do most activities. Someone suggested I try more massage therapy. I started seeing Toby Ann a few months ago. I see her once every few weeks and she does massage therapy and cupping on my leg. I have more feeling, my leg feels less swollen, and overall my leg just feels better. The heaviness, swelling, and tightness have greatly diminished. I am feeling nerve sensations in areas that I couldn't feel before and it continues to increase.  Toby Ann takes time to listen, connect, and make a plan with me.  I appreciate all that she has done for me and highly recommend her massage therapy."    Renee - Woodinville, WA


"Being a Fitness Professional and using my body each and every day for years, it was a painful and upsetting shock to not only the body to my mental wellness when the dreaded words ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ were given to me by my Doctor.  I took good care of myself over the years but stretching was not something I did nearly enough. I attended and spent a lot of time and money on Doctors, Splints, Shoes, Orthodics, Creams, Steroid injections, Physical Therapy all to no avail. Walking anywhere became a really painful issue. I really thought this is it. The end of what I love to do.

I saw the sign for NORTH SOUND MASSAGE THERAPY as I entered the gym with lots of pain killers, and thought why not try something else! Toby was very understanding of the diagnosis along with my frustrations about not being able to do my job. However, she still took her time to fully assess not just my feet but the whole body and identified many tight areas around glutes, hamstrings and calves, my actually arches of my feet were strong. Her recommendation was once a week massage on all the posterior chain muscles. Paying attention to the feet and identified tight spots. After just a couple of weeks, I began to feel a difference, the simple act of getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom became possible again. She continued to work over the next couple of months and I finally managed to walk in and finally say I am ready to jump and run again!

No injections, expensive insoles, no physical therapy - just finding the points causing the issue and releasing. There were moments I was in so much pain that I never thought I would be able to walk pain free again, but after a couple of months I am back at my job full time plus now running with more passion and energy. I still check in once a month for a massage, but now as a treat and not a treatment!  I cannot thank Toby enough for her help and expertise in this matter and highly recommend her to all my participants and friends."     Vicky - Fitness Instructor, Redmond, WA


"If you are looking for someone to give you a massage you won't find anyone better than Toby.  I have had several back surgeries and well as ankle surgeries.  At times I have a very difficult time walking without pain.  After getting a massage with Toby, I feel rejuvenated and fantastic.  I have seen may people who say they are professional massage therapists, but I guarantee you one massage from Toby and you will never go anywhere else."       Sam -  Bothell, WA


"Without exception the mental and physical health improvement I have experienced over the last four plus years are a direct result of the customer focus and professionalism of my massage therapist,  TobyAnn Williams. Her ability to sense where the focus is needed and provide therapy relief that always finishes with a light cranial touch is without a doubt the best I have experienced in over 25 years of receiving massage therapy."        Roger - Snohomish, WA


 "Toby Ann is an expert in massage therapy and after just one session with her the relief and peace your body feels is amazing. She has great control of her hands and her tempo is truly healing! Having received weekly massages for 20+ years, I attest to the fact that in addition to her amazing technique, her professionalism is unprecedented.  I have recommended her to a wide group of my friends and family and, without exception, their feedback has been outstanding.  I absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to experience what deep tissue or therapeutic massage REALLY is. Thanks Toby!"     Kim - Anacortes, WA

"After many years of extensive searching for the replacement of my retired massage therapist, I finally found Toby, whom I knew had the skills I was looking for during the first few minutes of my first massage. Toby puts the right amount of pressure and is diligent enough to relax my very tense muscles while not having me cringe in pain (too much pressure) or wonder if she's resting her tired hands (not enough pressure). Toby is receptive to feedback and adjusts when necessary. At the end of my visits with Toby, I feel like the hour I just spent was productive to the improvement of my health and mental state."    Melanie - Bothell, WA


"Toby has been my massage therapist for several years and has always been the best therapist I’ve ever had! She always asks how I am feeling when I show up so she can provide me the best experience and treat my aches and pains! She genuinely cares about what’s going on in my world. Her techniques have always made me feel better than when I came in. I highly recommend her and I know you will have an awesome massage too!".         Kelly - Woodinville, WA